Penguin OS Tutorial : How to run gui application from chrooted distro on host's xorg ?

Written at 06 May 22 , Published on 06 May 22 , Last edited on 06 May 22


U probable watch my Cursed Black n white rice video n wordening how i make it.

In that video , i ran the gui application(xfce4-panel , etc) from chrooted arch on desbian host's xorg.

Here is a Tutorial about running gui application from chrooted distro on host's xorg :

At first u need to create a user that have same user name n UID at the current user that logined on host inside chroot n make sure DISPLAY variable is not unset.

click here to check the uid

Here is how to create user (with specify uuid) on archbtw :


(-m is recommand. it will create a home folder)

Next run this command in the host (not in chroot).

cp /home/$USER/.Xauthority /PATH_TO_YOUR_CHROOTED_DISTRO/home/$USER/

NOTE : it may not needed if u use startx

learn more .Xauthority

Next run this connand to login the user that u created in chroot(at root in chroot) n run your gui application.