Blog : My first time to mod motherboard.

Written at 06 Feb 22 , Published on 06 Feb 22 , Last edited on 13 Jul 22

Yesterday , I went to shopping second hand computer store n I stumble across a 1366 xeon westmere cpu so I did some research about can that cpu work on my x58 sil le on my phone. After some research , I found a website that call cpu upgrade said that cpu work on my x58 sil le so i decided to bought it.

When i went back home , i put the xeon westmere cpu in my x58 sil le.After that , my x58 sil le can't post n showed ff debug code(i think it mean dead CPU) so i did a lot of research about it on my phone n I found a forums post about a x58 sil le mod that maybe can get it work so I decided to try to mod it.

That was my time to mod motherboard. I was so scary of myself destroy the motherboard.Luckily I successful moded the motherboard.The xeon westmere cpu is working on my x58 sil le after that mod.

2022-07-13 It has be a looooooong time since i wrote this articles. this mod causong the cpu to overheat.i bought a new bord. i should add this when the cpu overheat but i don't

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